FCS is a professional consulting firm providing services to clients in the area of Academic and Research Services.

Academic and Research Services

Professional doctoral dissertation and master degree thesis research in the social sciences services. Research services and assistance focus on research design, conceptualization of research problems, and qualitative and quantitate research methodologies. The service includes getting personalized & expert coaching until the client complete their dissertation and thesis. Our diverse team of expert’s consultants will guide you with the advance methodological techniques focus on both quantitative and qualitative practices in the areas of social science research. Commissioned research studies and paper are constructed with associates in multiple social science disciplines.

The following list of competencies is representative of our proficiencies:

  • Assessment/Evaluation
  • Client Relationship Management
  • Curriculum Design/Development
  • High Impact Instructor-Led/Facilitated Training
  • Leadership Concepts/Practices
  • Presentations & Reports
  • Public Policy Analyses
  • Program Evaluation / Accreditation
  • Academic Training and Leadership development
  • Speakers’ Bureau
  • Researcher


Teaching and Tutorial Services

The goals of FCS, LLC is to prepare students for academic careers in academia and public service while at the same time expose clients with a wide range of ideas and concepts regarding political science and other social sciences. To this end, the teaching and Tutorial services provide clients with a wide range research based skills and experience which will address diverse international, national, and local issues.

FSC, LLC has a team of highly trained educators committed to assisting undergraduate and graduate students achieve their objectives in the classroom and in their political science and other social sciences academic programs. For more than twenty years the professionals at FCS, LLC have taught, published, and worked tirelessly to enhance the competence of their clients in target subject areas including:



  • African Studies is acquire, through interdisciplinary study, a comprehensive understanding of Africa’s role and relations in the contemporary world. FCS, LLC has “Africanist”. specialists representing many disciplines who expose clients to an integrated approach to teaching, tutoring, and studying a range of African political, historical, economic, social and cultural issues and to the critical skills for analyzing and addressing Africa’s challenges.



  • Public Administration is a large federal, state and local enterprise encompassing the daily activities of literally millions of govern­ment workers, at all levels, and touching the daily life of virtually every American. In short, public admin­istration include all processes, organiza­tions, and individuals (the latter acting in official positions and roles) associated with carrying out laws and other rules adopted or issued by legislatures, execu­tives, and courts.  The public sector in the United States is administered by the public bureaucracy.


  • Comparative Politics is the study of the domestic politics, political institutions, and conflicts of countries. It often involves comparisons among countries and through time within single countries, emphasizing key patterns of similarity and difference.


FCS, LLC tutorial and teaching services of educators works with individuals or groups to strength their skills in writing, listening comprehension, oration, editing, test taking skills, study skills for all clients at the undergraduate and graduate levels.  We strive to identify the methods that will inspire, stimulate and connect with each learner. Based on learner progress, we will tailor an individualized approach which ensures success. Our services are not only beneficial for learners in need of support in academic areas, but also for learners looking to advance their education. The professionals at FCS, LLC endeavors to help each learner acquire the skills needed to learn so that they may achieve success on their own.


Branding & Positioning

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